very moody R&B. sound’s so dope and this girl got a very rad voice. recommend!

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the memories~~

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this is really like my life playlist. each song has its own place in my life. now compiled in a playlist on Spotify for anyone who interested. :)

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Robert Downey Jr. and his son Exton for Vanity Fair - Behind the Scenes

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Mr and Mrs Bartowski in Season Five

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one of the best album of the year!

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Stream Tennis: Ritual in Repeat on Pitchfork Advance

Stream Tennis: Ritual in Repeat on Pitchfork Advance


If I could just have the thing and give it to you now, I totally would. But I’m guessing it looks probably like a sea monkey right now and we should let it get a little cuter.

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Sarah Walker → 1x09

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kill me, if you must.


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